Mobile learning takes your business presentation away from the projector and puts it squarely into the hands and hearts of your audience.

When given the opportunity to touch and feel the media and play with the subject matter in a meaningful way, your audience evolves from passive onlookers to active learners. For millennials, who grew up with mobile computing and will soon represent more than half of the workforce, M-learning is their preferred learning style. Miller Creative works across all mobile platforms (tablet, smartphone, laptop, MP3 player) to create mobile learning programs that are inviting, interesting and interactive. Through elements like pop quizzes, classroom polls, video clips, and website exploration, students achieve an intimacy with your presentation content that can’t be duplicated in a traditional learning environment.

In addition to program design, Miller Creative can manage your M-learning library, procure the hardware, integrate the software, and even manage the maintenance and troubleshooting. The hardware piece of mobile learning doesn’t have to be hard. MC will handle it for you.

Contact Miller Creative today to discover new and better ways for reaching your audience through engaging M-learning experiences.